Hair Steamer Thermal Cap

About the product
  • Promote Hair Nutrient Absorption- It adopts silicone heating (charcoal fiber) and non-woven flame retardant treatment. It will make your hair evenly heated in oil or conditioner, and can also apply to hair care at home, promote absorption of nutrients and effectively shorten the dyeing time.
  • Deeply Nourish & Repair Hair- Hair steamer cap can effectively reduce hair damage, solve hair frizz and hair ends spilt, and deeply nourish your hair.
  • Removable Built-In Waterproof Membrane- Equipped with a high quality plastic film, The inner embedded plastic film is waterproof and anti-electricity, and it's detachable and convenient to be washed. Auto-system to uncomment and recontract for security and best experience in use.
  • Temperature Adjustment- 110V three level of temperature controlling, you can adjust to your favorite temperature.
  • Convenient & Safe- This hair care spa cap with flame-retardant electronic temperature control function is a safe and convenient tool for nursing your hair at home.

How to use: